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Create a jewel with pearls

Creating a jewel with a pearl is a challenge every Being able to bring together the ever-changing brightness and colors of this creation of nature with the right balance of elegance and taste is our goal, without forgetting the possibility of a casual use. Even more difficult to achieve if it is the customer himself who dictates specific needs and it is precisely the achievement of the purpose that gives us the maximum satisfaction.

The natural jewel

The Pearls

Talking about pearls is very easy for enthusiasts: there are so many things to tell about the pearl that it is not easy to decide where to start. Women are very attracted to the charm of these stones for their preciousness, purity, uniqueness, brightness. , inalterability over time … while men love the effect that gives a diamond as a gift: seeing the emotion in the eyes of the recipient of the gift!

Goldsmith experience

The pearl compared to the diamond ...

This sentence by a famous Italian gemologist sums up very well the emotion that a jewel made with this gem causes to a woman, of any age. The pearl is perhaps the best known gem: its history dates back to well before that of the diamond. Pearls and pearl shells have even been found in numerous prehistoric burials. In the history of humanity, the jewel with pearls has always been synonymous with rarity and exclusivity, so much so that it is destined for the rulers of the earth and the noble class in any country. Only with the advent of the cultivation of pearls has there been greater accessibility to the jewels packaged with them. As a laboratory, for years we have carefully selected the noblest of gems, THE PEARL, so that it can be inserted into the most elegant jewels that will accompany women in the most important moments of their life and will symbolize the most significant stages: a marriage, the birth of a child. , an important anniversary. A PEARL gives a woman’s face an incomparable brightness.

Pearls in jewelry

In ancient times, the only way to get a pearl was to look for it in pearl molluscs, with many difficulties. With the cultivation of pearls these have become more accessible, without losing their uniqueness: an infinite variety of shapes, colors, sizes, surface perfection, sphericity, brightness, thickness of pearls are obtained, so much so as to make every jewel made with cultured pearls difficult to replicate. The beauty of these jewels lies precisely in not being ‘mechanically’ perfect, in being able to still find in pearls the presence of some small natural imperfection, unique in its kind, thus becoming a distinctive trait.

How long does a pearl last

The pearl is a gem of organic origin; unlike diamonds or other hard stones, its structure is subject to spontaneous deterioration, even though it contains high percentages of minerals. It is thought that the lifespan of a pearl extracted from its mollusk does not exceed 150 years. Of course, the care we give to this gem can affect its life and appearance. It is important to always keep in mind that all chemicals that the pearl can come in contact with, such as perfumes, cosmetics, detergents and even the acids produced by the skin, could damage it. Contrary to popular belief, it is not the absence of light that causes the pearl to ‘die’, but rather the dehydration process. Therefore it is a good habit to rehydrate the pearls from time to time, immersing them in warm water for a few minutes, possibly adding neutral soap, shaking them but without rubbing them. Always rinse thoroughly in warm water and dry, rubbing them gently with a piece of velvet or deerskin, soaked in vegetable oil or lanolin.

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