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Hamilton wristwatchesIn the site you will be able to find several valuable models of the best Hamilton, for special people, expressing the American spirit. The range includes models of automatic and mechanical watches for any time, for men and women, divers, military, chronographs and general wristwatches from the new 2021 collection.

The “must-haves” in the industry worldwideWatches “must-haves” in the industry worldwide with the American Classic Discover and “The Best Seller”, the company’s best-selling wristwatches and are “world champions” in technology, style and innovation The Watches are “naturally” assimilated to the precision of Swiss movements with a price-quality ratio that is certainly advantageous.Hamilton watches catalog 2022: Men’s and women’s watches. Among the latest additions to the family are the Broadway Collection models. Modern, fashionable and sporty. The watches, after taking from the traditional design the initial “soul,” (e.g. Spirit Of Liberty) of the Classic American line, thanks to their urban look are perfectly cast in the style matched to the brand and very “distinctively” American. They are available in three versions: auto chrono, auto day date and day date Quartz. Watches, in part, inspired by the skyline of New York skyscrapers are designed to suit the most demanding urban travelers.
Official Price List 2021 Find, discover and compare how much Watches on offer at the best discounted hamilton prices cost from the list price to buy on the shpop online site with the best “dedicated prices”!!! Search in the shop for products and offers from the Broadway, men’s Hamilton Classic American, JazzMaster, Ventura lines in addition to the Khaki line in its declinations: Field Khaki, Aviation Khaki, the Khaki Navy, Ventura, Timeless Classic, Ivanoff air red, Red Bull Air Race, Ivanoff red, men’s and women’s collections and the Limited series watches that you can now buy at Fantastic prices on sale on the site.
Khaki and American Classic

The group was born in the U.S. in Lancaster, Pennsylvaniain. Founded in the city of Lancaster in 1892 it has become sought after for its innovative and legendary design and production models, its the first battery-powered electric watch that uses electricity for movement,,, is strongly rooted in Hollywood cinema where its products appear in 400 films on the wrists of the protagonists, such as, for example in ” 2001: A Space Odyssey, die hard, ocean’s eleven, men in black, Independence day, the fantastic 4, Superman, Interstellar. American but Swiss-madeThe company’s Classic American watches encapsulate the American line and spirit with the Swiss-made precision recognized to Swiss-made movements position achieved by also making use of the latest technology in Swiss high-precision watchmaking. The brand boasts a strong tradition in timepieces used in the world of the U.S. Military Forces and Air Force with high performance standards having been, with its durable steel-cased models, the brand’s point of advantage, one of the first timepieces supplied to the U.S. Air Force. In addition, the collaboration with the Red Bull Air Race World Championship strengthens its presence in the world of aviation. In the shop you will also find limited edition watches.Our best brand prices
You can order your watches now at the best prices in the online shop after browsing the products without hassle. Nicolis Jewelers is an accredited Hamilton dealer. Modification for bracelets and watch straps. Changing the length of the bracelet or strap must be communicated when ordering. From us you will receive all the assistance to the brand’s products, you will find opinions, advice and support in the purchase. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information about it…

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