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Wedding Rings Unique.
A promise, a synthesis of an ‘understanding, maintaining an expression of individuality. Make “Unique” wedding rings for your very important event.The assembled use of metals creates polychromatic wedding rings sure to impress the wearer as a memorial to the most important day of their lives.
Nuptial rings, as understood today, were originally born in yellow gold, in recent times, however, colors and materials have differentiated to create distinctive and unique jewelry: yellow gold wedding rings are the most classic; platinum wedding rings, keeping with tradition, are the most stately and exclusive; rose gold wedding rings, while falling within tradition, are refined with a slightly retro taste; white gold wedding rings are original in their own being; gold and diamond wedding rings, express class and romance. Finally, wedding bands in gold and other metals and with diamonds can express all these details fused into a single model.

Custom gold wedding rings

With the proposed service, we are able tomake custom wedding bands unique in shape and color. We can offer a nearly endless array of wedding band models in yellow gold, rose gold, white gold with a multitude of variables: single metal or multi-metal combination wedding bands, sizes and proportions that inevitably lead to the creation of ever-different and original wedding bands. The use of other metals allows the creation of palladium and platinum wedding rings.

Also diamond wedding bands

Associating various materials with diamonds results in unique custom rings: wedding bands with white and yellow gold with central sparkle or following the entire ring crown. We provide you with all the tools to be able to create and make your own wedding rings.

Why choose unique wedding rings:

For the custom construction and creation of wedding rings. Our adepts will also help you in the creation of your wedding ring with the support of dedicated software that will help you choose the combinations that best suit your needs.

Unica: your wedding rings

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Prices for wedding bands in gold, platinum and mixed materials, also available with diamonds.
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