Collezione Salvini Battito
Due cuori, un solo battito. La collezione Salvini che celebra l’Amore, puro ed eterno, come un diamante.

Salvini Solitario Battito...... per accompagnare i battiti del suo cuore a San Valentino

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Jewelry and Watches in Promotional Offer.
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Dune Ring

Gan0778w Dune Ring Annamaria Cammilli
Ring | Annamaria cammilli | Dune 
Watchmaking Jewelry 

The jewelry can give to you through the e-shop watches, jewels and diamonds with the following features

New watches, ever used and unworn, with Official Warranty released bby the provider who supplies our jewelry.

New jewels,New watches, ever used, with Official Warranty released bby the provider who supplies our jewelry.

Certificated diamonds with official warranty of International Organisation.

Single Price for every payment mode

Shipping troughout Europe with Free insure. Contact us for your country's shipping price.

Nicolis Jewelry's e-commerce uses fee and safe server (https) with encrypted connection for ours customers' safe.

Conditions of sale


PSR Digital Quartz Special Edition

PSR Digital Quartz

Hamilton PSR Digital Quartz Con un design di oltre 50 anni fa; futuristico sin dall'inizio

  • Navy Khaki

    H77805335 Navy Frogman Titanium 46mm Hamilton
    Khaki | Hamilton | Navy 
    Price € 1.445,00 
    Offer price € 1.156,00 
  • Aviation Khaki

    H76714335 Worldtimer Chrono Quartz Hamilton
    Khaki | Hamilton | Aviation 
    Price € 1.245,00 
    Offer price € 996,00 
  • Khaki Field Automatic

    H70645533 Far Cry 6 Hamilton
    Automatic | Hamilton | Khaki Field 
  • Orologio Flip Clock

    D60vb Dator 60v Solari Lineadesign
    Flip clock | Solari lineadesign | Orologio 
    Price € 990,00 
    Offer price € 891,00 

Nicolis Jewelry store - Jewelers and Watchmakers

Since twentynine yearsNicolis Jewelry is a landmark for what concern jewels and watches, both for woman and man, between jewelry stores situated in Verona; currently ''Nicolis Jewelry stores'' are two with two different show room: one for silver creations, ''Nicolis Silver'', and another one, ''Nicolis Jewelry'', dedicated to diamonds, precious jewels and watches.


Calvin Klein
Le Bebe
Louis Erard

and a lot of other watches' brand...
L'The experience in luxury and fashion watches was reach during twentynine years of activity and you can find it inside watches selection that we have in our shop and e-shop on th following lik Watches type, both for man and woman, are sportive, elegant, sophisticated, casual, high-tech, automatic and quartz. Looking our e-shop you can buy a lot of different watches that are characterized by competitive price; there are watches available for man and woman that are chronograph, underwater, automatic and other types. All luxuty watches.


Thats are ours brands for what concern jewels area
Le Beb�
Yvone Christa

and a lot of others brands...
The shop, is a landmark also for the luxury jewelry in Verona with a large range for every kind of woman, man's jewels also with diamond, rings, earrings, pendants, wedding ring and a lot of other jewels...
You can buy jewels on our e-shop that are characterized by amazing price, with many proposal and competitive price, woman and man's jewels, woman's rings, woman's bracelet, wedding ring, pearl necklaces and other luxury jewelry's product .


Another propose for us is to give at our customers investments diamonds ''GIA'' - ''HRD'' - ''IGI'' certificated. Thats diamonds can be put on rings, bracelet and... We have naturals diamonds and different calibre with international certificated:

Investments diamonds
GIA Diamond's certifications
HRD Diamond's certifications
IGI Diamond's certifications

The jewelry is also provided by an efficient watchmaker and a skilled goldsmith with a laboratory that can repair different tipe on jewels.

You can contact jewelry for every particular instance in jewel and watch sector, but also about investment diamond at our shop situated in Verona.
We can give to you our experience asjewelers and watchmakers. At your disposal..

Hamiton Tissot online

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