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Yvone Christa

The brand, born in 1991 from the intuition of two designers, Swedish-New Yorkers, Yvonne Clamf and Christina Söderström. Both Swedes, they met in Rome where they attended the School of Design. Also studying, they then moved to Los Angeles, where they began creating jewelry at home, around the kitchen table of their small apartment. the brand, which favors old-style atmospheres and vintage hues, is now famous for reinventing the ancient filigree techniques of Venetian art in a modern key summarized in a line of art bijoux.
Subtle gold and silver textures are treated with an exclusive finish of yesteryear and forged on exclusive shapes.
Jewel earrings, charms, necklaces and bracelets all in vintage charm filigree utilizing wires in 925 burnished or black silver or bathed in 22K gold, shaped and soldered. Each piece of Yvone Christa’s signature jewelry is handmade according to the ancient Venetian art of filigree; Yvone Christa’s collections are inspired by the delicacy of flowers or mythological places full of charm.
You can order your Yvone Christa Jewelry in the online shop with no hassle. Nicolis Jewelers is an official accredited dealer of Yvone Christa. From us you will receive all the assistance, opinions and support in purchasing products.

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