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Diamonds as an investment.
Natural Diamonds

Lately, thanks to the crisis, there has been a return to investing in metals and precious stones,the quintessential safe haven assets.
Nicolis Jewelers offers itself as an advisor, to clients, in the diamond sector given the difficulty, of most, to interpret the economic estimation logic that governs pricing in the diamond sector. Diamond is the most valuable stone that can be found on the market and can be rough, processed and at the same time of various carats. There are also diamonds of different colors and even colorless diamonds. All these characteristics in addition to “clarity” determine its value. For its estimation, an objective valuation system has been developed, which we apply.
Providing the correct advice to define the actual value of the diamond stone one intends to purchase or select for investment is a basic form of customer service.
All the diamonds offered are accompanied by international certification from bodies such as IGI, GIA and HRD for total customer safety.
If you intend to build your ring with a “major” diamond, do not hesitate to contact us to find out the price of the diamond to be mounted on your ring.
In some cases it is also possible to have laser certification engraved on the diamond to prove the authenticity of the stone.
We can also provide custom appraisals on diamonds not displayed on the site.
Don’t hesitate to contact us for diamond prices!!!.
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Investment and blister diamonds:
IGI-certified diamonds

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