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Great Brands

Sale of men’s watches from Italian, Swiss, German and American brands, products for women by major brands in the fashion sector
Available watch brands: Hamilton Watch – Tissot – Casio – Festina – G Shock – Le Bebe – Meistersinger – Solari – Victorinox

At the Nicolis jewelery shop in Verona, you will find various elegant, trendy, sporty and automatic models for sale.
Discover all the models and prices for men and all prices for women

Some of the brands marketed are part of groups operating in the luxury and sport watchmaking sectors at an international level.
In the online store of the jewelry you will also find models for sale online at unbeatable prices! With time-only, automatic, multifunction or chronograph models. Sports watches from brands such as Casio, Tissot, Hamilton and others such as Festina and Le Bebè.
You can find the right watch, even for children! We have specialized brands for them.

acquistare orologi da uomo e donna
automatici sportivi militari
Goldsmith experience

You will surely find every wristwatch for men and women

On the Site and in the shop, at competitive prices, you can buy your elegant, trendy, high-quality, automatic, sports, military watch.

Designer watches

Other fashionable and particular design models are included, for example, in the Le Bebè luxury watch collections and Lineadesign’s Solari watches with the Cifra 3 paddle models and the Dator 60 models. A vast exhibition of the best brands and models online and that you will also find at our shop in Verona.
orologi di design

Watchmaking laboratory

Nicolis con la sua orologeria e con il laboratorio annesso, si propone per le riparazioni di orologi nuovi, usati, digitali degli orologi solo tempo, ed altri modelli, in ogni caso, con tutti gli accessori delle parti di ricambio.
The brands marketedare part of large groups operating inthe international watchmaking sector. For our customers we have selected products for men and women with a refined design, only time, small seconds, chronographs and other products with good value for money and in step with fashion.
In the sale we only deal with new and not used watches or second wrists!

The guarantee of the products purchased

The warranty is the official one of the brand of which we are official dealers. Our watches arrive directly from the supplier and if you wish they can still be delivered in the packaging of the original company films to demonstrate that they are NEW, NEVER WORN AND NEVER EXPOSED.
Each watch is delivered with packaging and Official Warranty in place from the supplier of which the company is an authorized dealer. Each watch is delivered with packaging and Official Warranty in place from the supplier of which the company is an authorized dealer.

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14 days money back guarantee

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