Nicolis jewelery in Verona

The profuse passion in conducting jewelery and research in the goldsmith's world and watches of branded products and brands to offer its customers has made the brand of Nicoli Jewelery , initially established in the Veronese territory , and now, thanks to the electronic commerce with the site '' '', all over Italy and abroad. Over time, jewelery has become, for some brands in the watch sector, one of the largest authorized dealers in the Italian e-commerce market with thousands of watches sold.

Fashion in the jewelery industry

Jewelery Products from the particular design and high prestige in craftsmanship allows us to provide our clients with a choice that is particularly timely, up to date and in compliance with the < strong> new fashion trends , both as a search for new proposals, with regard to precious stones to be mounted on our jewels, as well as modeling, always evolving, for style and design.


Tradition Jewelry

This ongoing research does not, however, turn us away from the tradition of Italian and world jewelery. The jewelleries, such as lonely and fedine, are constantly being proposed and refined by jewelery and kept in great importance for the importance of the emotional significance they represent

Pearl Necklace


Continuous market research and attention to traditions are the main source of inspiration for our production. We are always up to date on the latest trends, which can also be a new inspiration for the interpretation of the oldest traditions. The constant updating, the comparison of ideas with colleagues and industry professionals allows us to inspire our creations to both the latest trends and the variations of traditional productions. The quest for new gems to propose to our customers does not stop: varied by form shapes and color, they are also another source of inspiration.

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