Making pearl jewelry

Making a pearl jewel is something like a challenge: to match the colour and shape of this unique product of Nature with the fare amount of elegance and taste is not always an easy task, not to mention when there are specific requests to be satisfied. With painstaking word and research, we get the best result, thus gaining customer�s and our personal satisfaction.

About Pearls

There is a lot of thinghs to know about pearl: the simple birth of a pearl is a process extremely fascinating. So many things can be said that it is difficult to decide from which we can start .


Being one of the most precious gems, peals fascinate women with their clarity, authenticity, brightness and longevity. As for men, what really makes them buying a diamond is the possibility to arouse real emotion in the eyes of their beloved one.

When a pearl meets a diamond

Many centuries before the Common Era, ancient communities were already acquainted with the use of pearls: considered precious gemstones and objects of beauty from the beginning, the word �pearl� has always been associated with something very rare, admirable and valuable. Long ago before the discovering of diamonds, pearls were a status symbol: being very difficult to find, only the ruling class could afford them. Thanks to the invention of pearl farming, pearls started to circulate more commonly, without loosing their status of high quality gem. When making pearl jewel, we look for the perfect union between pearl and diamond. As a result, we have elegant and exquisite items which will be part of a women�s life, representing its most important moments.

Pearl in jewelry

Pearls are produced within the soft tissue of a living shelled mollusk, thus very difficult to obtain. After the invention of the cultured process, pearls became more available on the market, without loosing value or importance. As for the natural ones, there are many types of cultured pearls, classified according to colour, shape, level of perfection etc. Very few pearls are perfectly round: this is exactly what makes pearl jewelry extraordinary. With their imperfections, pearl are unique and special, beautiful in a natural way.

The life of a pearl

The life of a pearl

Pearls are made primarily of calcium carbonate, i.e. an organic material, but unlike diamonds, their strucutre deteriorate more easily as a natural process. The duration of the life of a pearl, once removed from the shelled mollusk, has been estimated of 150 years. Still, there are some preventive measures that can be taken: keep the pearl away from cosmetics, perfumes, detergents and similar products that could erode the pearl�s surface. To stop its progressive dehydration, put the pearl jewel in lukewarm water from time to time, and wash them gently with neutral soap. After few minutes, rinse out the jewel and mop it up with velvet towel or chamois. Some lanolin or vegetable oil drops would help in preserving the pearls� brightness. Be careful never to rub the pearls, to avoid the risk of scratching them.

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