Making Jewellery

Jewellery is not simply something to buy, a gift, or an ornament. There is something more. What we want to communicate to our customers is that jewellery does not only symbolise important steps in our lives, but do represent the time we live, our feelings. They will become our sons and grandsons� inheritances, giving them the possibility to cherish in the memory our lives� most happy moments.


We constantly pay attention to international trends, in order to give our customers an updated range of choice within which choose what most fills their expectations. Our concern is about both the precious stones and the design, creating various combinations of colour, material and shape.



We are constantly updated with the latest fashions and techniques, but this does not mean that we forget traditional values. The Italian handicraft remains one of our major concerns while working. Classical rings like solitaire or engagement rings are kept in great respect and will always be part of our collection.

pearl necklace


Innovation and tradition thus constitute our main inspiration. The latest fashions can be used as an alternative point of view from which reshape classical jewel. Our studies, research and daily consultation with colleagues inspire our imagination, as well as gemstones� colour and shape. Every detail can become a source of inspiration, thanks to which our creations are all unique and special.

Nicolis Jewellery, committed to providing you with the highest quality diamonds